Our Story


WYCO-LPFM is owned and operated by First Saint John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, 140 West King Street York, PAThe radio station broadcasts from the church steeple.

Located in central York, the signal covers all of the city and reaches the adjacent communities. The city has a Hispanic population estimated at 14,000 that can hear the station.

In 2014, a small group of community leaders came together with faith in positive change and a deep commitment to the goal of bringing a new voice for a better York. They formed Community 106.1 FM radio to obtain approval from the Federal Communications Commission to build WYCO-LPFM. York is part of the greater York-Harrisburg-Lancaster and Lebanon market and there was no community class broadcast station in this market. WYCO-LPFM was the first and is located in the center of densely populated urban York city. The signal service area covers over 100,000 people.

Our volunteers met the challenge of obtaining city zoning and historic preservation approval. The Advisory Board led the development of a new community service, public affairs and interest content radio station. Funding came from a number of generous gifts from local companies, WORD FM, individuals, our church and ABLAZE funds from the LCMS. We were fully funded for construction and our first year of operating costs. For those who believe in miracles, many miraculous things happened to make the first broadcast meet the 18-month deadline of the FCC-issued construction permit. In late September of 2015, we were issued a full broadcast operating license and began our broadcasting mission to bring the Gospel, only the best information, and music with a message to the city.

We hoped to truly fill a void in local programming and provide a positive radio station impact in our community. We had a vision of opening air time to local high school and college students to develop their skills and display their talents for the betterment of York. Since we began broadcasting, we have had numerous testimonials to our mission; one gentleman came to the station and told us how our music helped him cope with his brother’s death, and a blind woman in a nursing home told us how “those guys singing about God overnight” helped her pass the time. Our volunteers have manned booths at community events such as the Veterans’ Job Expo and the Olde York Street Fair. They have given out nearly 5,000 “Have You Heard” cards and have produced numerous public affairs and interest programs, such as a young boxer’s quest to reach the Olympics, the heroin epidemic in the county of York, and more. We have archived dozens of programs on SoundCloud and are streaming programming to listeners in dozens of countries and states via Shoutcast.

Our volunteers have supported amazing growth in Community 106.1 FM. If you feel a passion for this faith-based project of community radio, we welcome you to join us with your time, skills and financial support as we serve Him in our community.