History of Church

First Saint John’s Lutheran Church (founded as Saint John’s Lutheran Church in 1875), has been serving the York, Pa. area as a Lutheran ministry for 140 years. As the city around First Saint John’s has grown and changed, the church has grown and changed too. The roots of First St. John’s extend back to the very beginning of Christian churches in the York area. Members of Christ Lutheran Church, which was founded in 1733 decided to start a new church in York that was focused on maintaining the German language in worship and St. John’s Lutheran Church was founded by that group. While they only speak German on special occasions, the spirit of that ministry lives on in all of our worship and service ventures.

While the history of the church goes back to the very beginning of Christian churches in this area, they are a church very much focused on the future. The church did decide to amicably split in the 1960’s, because a group of people saw the need to maintain a vital ministry in the downtown area of York. While the downtown area continues to be revitalized the vision of those people continues to be vindicated. Gordon and Joyce Moul had a vision for a radio station that would be operated and supported by the church, that would reach out into and be a part of the downtown community and provide opportunities for involvement by people throughout York County and offer programming for the benefit of the entire York area.

In addition to the many other outreaches of First St. John’s that help our neighbors, people all around York County, materially and spiritually, they are now reaching out as a way to be an integral part of York County, through WYCO radio.

While First St. John’s has had a varied, interesting, even compelling past, they seek to grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make His ministry a living, vital part of the York Community well into the future. They look forward to serving and involving in many ways, and they invite members of the community, civic groups, neighborhood groups, individuals, businesses, service organizations to check out WYCO radio and to be a part of the growing downtown on-air York community.


Pastor of First St. John’s

Jim Driskell

Immediately after graduation from Brockton High School, Massachusetts, Pastor Driskell immediately went to boot camp and then was in the Coast Guard Reserve for 29 years.   He was a Second Class Boatswains. After surviving in the military,  Driskell went back to school. He studied Political Science at Bridgewater State University, graduating in 1989. He married and is now a father of three.  Pastor Driskell then got involved in many ministries and church opportunities. He received a call from the ministerium to be the Pastor of First St. John’s Lutheran Church in York.